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Margaret Stowe guitarist Toronto
Photo: Greg King

Margaret Stowe guitarist Toronto Ozworld Studio

Carrie Chesnutt Sarah McElcheran Colleen Allen at Ozworld Studio

Margaret Stowe guitarist Toronto at Ozworld Studio

The Rogue Studio Toronto Jay and Marg

Margaret Stowe guitarist Toronto

Margaret Stowe PICKS. Prague Post 2206

Prague Post 2006Margaret Stowe guitarist Toronto

Margaret Stowe guitarist Toronto


London Free PRess, Margaret Stowe feature article
"It's hard to take your ears and eyes off Stowe"
London Free Press feature article


Margaret Stowe's S'WOWEN IN BLUES Treasa Levasseur Rachel Melas Conny Nowe Carrie Chesnutt

Margaret Stowe's S'WOWEN IN BLUES w/Daisy DeBolt & Ellen McIlwaine

Margaret Stowe's S'WOWEN IN BLUES w/Miss Angel Brown, Diana Braithwaite, SHARON

Margaret Stowe's S'WOWEN IN BLUES

Hugh's Room Toronto w/Ken Whiteley Jackie Washington Mose Scarlett Margaret Stowe Ben Whiteley
HHugh's Room Toronto w/Ken Whiteley, Jackie Washington Mose Scarlett and Ben Whiteley

MOD Club Toronto Rock the Walk Gala 2005 backing up Paul Shafer.
Margaret Stowe backing up Paul Shafer. Rock the Walk Gala MOD Club Toronto


Margaret Stowe with Band of Ednas

Margaret Stowe. Cover of Scene Magazine

Margaret Stowe and Matt (Guitar) Murphy

Margaret Stowe in concert with Jackie Washington
Welland Concert Series 2005
"Margaret jumps into every song with flourish and style" Welland Tribune review.

Top Photo Greg King
Photos: Jim Chambers

Margaret Stowe CV/Resume - Music Professional
Guitarist - Recording Artist - Producer
Bandleader/Musical Director.

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YouTube Channel: 

“Stowe’s departure point is jazz, but her style ranges from folk to blues to world beats...propelled by her trademark high energy and eclectic tastes”. Prague Post (see more of Margaret's great press below!)

Professional musician, guitarist, recording artist. *
Producer, arranger, digital editor, mixer.
Multimedia content creator.
* Member
of Toronto Musicians’ Association, AFM Local 149.


Can be found doing shows with Sonya Côté, Priscilla Wright, Big Rude Jake, Mose Scarlett, Brenda Lewis, Barbara Junger, Tony Quarrington and various others....

1) European GUITAR DUO with German guitarist Barbara Jungfer. (touring Europe)
2) The Women's BLUES FUSE (musical director)- all-star all-woman concert act with guest vocalists. Touring Canada/Europe. Features Margaret Stowe (guitar/leader), Colleen Allen (sax), Brandi Disterheft (bass), Stacie McGregor (keys), Carrie Chesnutt (sax/vocals), Michelle Josef (drums/percussion).
3) Canadian Guitar duo - Margaret Stowe and Tony Quarrington.
4) The Jackie Washington Orchestra - a tribute to legend Jackie Washington

5) Margaret Stowe Band - performs orginal music and festivals year round.  


  • Acclaimed as a "guitarist of note" in the Canadian Encyclopedia of Music.
  • Holds prestigious 2009 CIUT-FM Porcupine "Lenny Breau" Award.
  • Maintains International career - 8 European tours. July 2010 European tour includes major festivals and clubs in several countries.
  • 4 CDs of original music. (great reviews! see Press below) 
  • Performed/recorded with a host of Canadian/International artists (see below), in-demand sideperson, bandleader and musical director for over 25 years.
  • Played in many infamous locations as CBGB’s NYC, the Louvre Paris France, Massey Hall Toronto etc.
  • Recently interviewed and performed on both Vallee FM Radio Paris France and Radio Nacional de Espana Madrid.
  • As guitarist for Big Rude Jake, she opened for Ray Charles at Cognac Blues Passions Cognac France.
  • She made the Prague Post's "Night & Day" front page PICKS of the WEEK when she played at 2 of Prague's hippest jazz clubs with her band.
  • Guitarist/band arranger - Toronto Women's Blues Revue for 11 years performing annual Massey Hall concerts for CBC radio.


Studied with guitar greats

Robert Fripp (King Crimson)(Spain), Joe Pass and Duke Robillard and Nono Garcia (Madrid). 


 Performed and recorded with: 

Big Rude Jake, Elizabeth Shepherd, Serena Ryder, Jane Bunnett, Molly Johnson, Salome Bey, Harry Manx, Carlos del Junco, Jackie Richardson, Lorraine Segato, Ellen McIlwaine, Rita Chiarelli, Jackie Washington, Amos Garrett, Suzie Vinnick, Tony Quarrington, Mose Scarlett, Lawrence Martin, Vern Cheechoo, Carole Pope, Shakura S'Aida, Dionne Taylor, Divine Brown, Paul Shafer (David Letterman), Della Reese, Lee Aaron, Beverley Glen Copeland, Daisy DeBolt, Johnny Favorite, Priscilla Wright, Terry Clarke, Diana Braithwaite, Mel Brown, Ndidi Onukwulu, Suzie McNeil, Carole Pope, Lee Aaron, Tom Wilson (Blackie and the Rodeo Kings), Haydain Neale (Jacksoul), Digging Roots, Little Miss Higgins, Lily Frost, Alana Bridgewater, Sue Foley, Roxanne Potvin, Georgette Fry, Dawn Tyler Watson, Oh Susanna, Niki Yanofsky.

...and a host of others!

Just a few places I've played: Massey Hall Toronto, Beaches Jazz Festival Toronto, Harbourfront Centre Toronto, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, The Louvre Paris France, Bogui Jazz Club Madrid, El Junco Jazz Club Madrid, Jazz Cafe Normandy France, Bflat Jazz Club Berlin, Cognac Blues Festival Cognac France, Blue Balls Jazz/Blues Festival Lucerne Switzerland, Hamburg Jazz Festival Germany, U Maleho Glena Jazz Club Prague, Akord Jazz Club Prague Quasimodo Berlin, Waterloo Jazz Festival, Orangeville Jazz & Blues Festival, Oakville Jazz Festival, Markham Jazz Festival, Peterborough Jazz Festival, Orillia Jazz Festival, Oakville Center for the Arts, National Arts Centre Ottawa, Limelight Theatre Toronto, Hugh’s Room Toronto, Summerfolk Folk Music, Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, Windsor International Blues Festival, Detroit International Blues Festival, CBGB’s New York City.


Margaret Stowe has been blessed with excellent press! 



Exclaim! Magazine Toronto (CD review)
“It's hard to single out any one player but guitarist Margaret Stowe is a constant delight...”

Globe & Mail, Toronto (concert review)
“Most impressive was Margaret Stowe on guitar.”

London Free Press "Stowe excels in all styles" Feature article.
"'s hard to take your ears and eyes off Stowe.....

Juan Ruiz (presenter) Madrid (concert review)
"Eres potente!”

Kitchener Record (concert review)
“Guitarist Stowe is amazing. ..always with accuracy and so, so tasteful.”

Oakville Today (concert review)
“Margaret Stowe - she of the intricate guitar fingering and creative variations..”

Welland Tribune
“Stowe jumped into every song with flourish and style”

London Free Press

“...she rattled the tree branches..with her exciting versatile work.”

“Stowe’s departure point is jazz, but her style ranges from folk to blues to world beats...propelled by her trademark high energy and eclectic tastes”.
Prague Post (see more of Margaret's great press below!)

Margaret gets GREAT CD REVIEWS!

I LOVE Mello Jello!" -
Shelagh Rogers CBC Radio Host

"I love it!"  
Jaymz Bee JazzFM91 Radio Host

(Adventures of the Red Guitar CD)

"Man I love this album! ...I continue to be impressed by Marg's facility on the guitar, and I continue to be mesmerized by this beautiful album. Don't miss it!"
Greenman Reviews (CD Review - Mello Jello)
by David Kidney

"...perfectly conceived and perfectly placed;
it feels uncanny with other-worldly nuance; it is beautiful.
Mayday Magazine Sept 2009 by James Strecker (CD Review)

"For Margaret Stowe it’s like painting rainbows: tonality, understated playing and a wonderful ability to whip the notes onto the canvas.......Her latest CD, Mello Jello, is an amazing collection of wonderful instrumentals, covering Dylan, The Beatles, Donovan, Leonard Cohen as well as her own brilliant compositions. She’s an amazing player."
From 2009 Porcupine "Lenny Breau Award" by Steve Fruitman


Producer/Musical Director of various events
"Jackie Washington Day", at the historical Tivoli Theatre Hamiton 
"This Day's for Jack". a tribute to Jackie Washington
"S'Women In Blues" - many shows
"Blues Fuse" - Feb 2010 show, 2010 touring show
'This Night's For Jack - Hugh's Room Feb 2010 

Musical Theatre 

Grand Theatre, London, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, and the Limelight Theatre, Toronto, including 2 runs of Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well and Living In Paris.


Featured with Symphony orchestras,
Orchestra London, Orchestra Toronto, Scarborough Orchestra, Kitchener/Waterloo Symphony, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.


Some other Groups I've been a member of
Hot Latkes Klezmer Band
Paul Winter's Missa Gaia (Earth Mass).(London production)

Swing Sisters
Jazz Writer's Workshop

Canadian Modernaires Orchestra
Sam Evening Band
Sister Act, S'Women In Blues, Bluewoman Group

(I have also hung out with Motown's legendary Funk Brothers.)

PRODUCER CREDITS and Style examples

Rock - Folk/Rock - Alt Rock
Under The Sign - Co-Producer (2008), mixing/digital editing. Artist: Max Woolaver.
Waste The Final Frontier - Producer (mp3 quality, from cassette). From Norman Picks Five, White Picket Frenzy. This album has become a bit of a cult classic recording. Artist: White Picket Frenzy.
 Back Is Forward - Producer. From Norman Picks Five, Artist: White Picket Frenzy.
 Moment In Time - Producer. From Norman Picks Five, Artist: White Picket Frenzy.

Dusty Road - Producer, Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitar(s). Featuring Margaret Stowe and Harry Manx, guitars. Vocal: Harry Manx. From Adventures of the Red Guitar. 2006 Composer:David Fougere
Hand of Blessing - Co-Producer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitar/mando-guitar, Artist: Max Woolaver. (2008). 

Modern Jazz
 Mag's Groove - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitar(s). From Adventures of the Red Guitar. 2006
So What's Up - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitar(s). From Adventures of the Red Guitar. 2006

 Pluto Is A Planet 

Smooth Jazz
 Be Sharp In Bb - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitar(s). From Adventures of the Red Guitar. 2006

 You Gotta Reap Just What You Sow (vocals: Daisy DeBolt) - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitar(s). From Adventures of the Red Guitar. 2006

Jazz/Early Jazz
 Blue Skies/Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Six Strings North of the Border Borealis Records. Recorded/Digital Editing: Ozworld Studio by Margaret Stowe. Co-produced by Mose Scarlett and Margaret Stowe. Mixed by Tim Harrison.
 Nature Boy - Producer/Arranger, guitar(s). From Adventures of the Red Guitar. 2006
 It Ain't Necessarily So - co-Producer, Arranger, guitars. From Witchcraft. Artist: Alec Richmond.
 The Lady Is A Tramp - co-Producer, Arranger, guitars. From Witchcraft. Artist: Alec Richmond.

House of The Spirits - co-Producer/Arranger, guitars, guitar synth. From Resonance, Artist: Oliver Whitehead and Marg Stowe.
Around The Fire - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitars. From Things I Do, Margaret Stowe
 Mazinka Medley.mp3 Pomegranate (Klezmer) - Recording/Mixing/Digital Editing. (unmastered)

Amapola - Producer, guitars, co-Arrangers: Margaret Stowe and Sarah McElcheran. From Adventures of the Red Guitar 2006,
Trippy/Ambient/Spoken Word
 Getaway - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitars. From Things I Do, Margaret Stowe 2001
Dark Light - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitar(s). From Adventures of the Red Guitar. 2006
Rain Song - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/Mixing/guitars. From Things I Do, Margaret Stowe 2001 

Experimental/Avant Garde
 Playa Negra - Producer, Composer/Arranger/Digital Editing/guitars. From Roma Volume, Artist: Roma Collective. 2001


Mello Jello - Margaret Stowe 2009
Max Woolaver - The Innocence - Max Woolaver 2008
Adventures of the Red Guitar - Margaret Stowe 
Things I Do - Margaret Stowe
Resonance - Oliver Whitehead and Margaret Stowe
Fall In- White Picket Frenzy (producer/guitar) 1993
Norman Picks Five- White Picket Frenzy (producer) 1992
Witchcraft- Alec Richmond (co-producer/guitar) 1994
Roma Volume One - Roma 2000


- Hey Stella! - Hey Stella!
- Rosemary Galloway/Jane Fair Quintet, Playin' Jane
- Rosemary Galloway - Rosemary Galloway Quartet
- Daisy DeBolt - Live Each Day With Soul
- Daisy DeBolt - Back at the Sugar Camp
- Chicago Pete - The Blues is Alright
- ROMA - Roma Volume One
- Mello Jello - Margaret Stowe
- Margaret Stowe - Things I Do
- Margaret Stowe - Adventures of the Red Guitar
- Oliver Whitehead and Marg Stowe - Resonance
- Margaret Stowe - Mellow Jello
- Uptown Blues - Uptown Blues (Volumes One and Two)
- Chris Murphy - Swingin' the Blues


As well as her activities as a performing/recording artist and freelance sideperson, Margaret has always been involved with projects involving women musicians and singers. Always an advocate for women, Margaret has been leading bands and doing shows featuring strong women for two decades, and she has received great press. Below are some of her achievements as a bandleader/musical director of groups featuring women:

S'WOMEN IN BLUES - Margaret Stowe’s S’Women In Blues Shows have been acclaimed! They are UNIQUE and CREATIVE shows, performing at events and festivals including Welland Concert Series 2007, Concert for Peace Toronto 2007, Winterfolk Toronto 2005, TUZA Music & Arts Festival Toronto, Women’s Voices Festival Ottawa, London Special Events Concert Series. These shows have included artists like Rita Chiarelli, Georgette Fry, Miss Angel Brown, S.H.A.R.O.N, Diana Braithwaite, Daisy DeBolt, Heather Morgan, Treasa Lavasseur, Carrie Chesnutt,
and Ellen McIlwaine.

"London jazz guitarist Marg Stowe, tireless creator of music ensembles wanted to put together another featuring the best of female jazz performers in Canada......
  ...she rattled the tree branches in the park with her exciting versatile work."
Concert Review: Margaret Stowe's S'Women In Blues (featuring Rita Chiarelli, Georgette Fry et al) London Free Press.

YOU GOTTA REAP JUST WHAT YOU SOW - Margaret conceived an orchestra show for Orchestra London's Cabaret Series called "You Gotta Reap Just What You Sow", the tradition of the great blues women continues. Doreen Smith, Maureen Brown, Rosemary Galloway, Margaret Stowe, Dale Brendon et al.

BLUEWOMAN GROUP - Bandleader. I put together a group of R&B women for a series of shows at labour organization conferences. Bluewoman Group led the 2005 Toronto Labour Day Parade! Shakura S’Aida, Kathryn Moses, Lina Allemano, Sarah McElcheran, Michelle Josef, Rachel Melas, Evelyne Datl and Margaret Stowe.

TORONTO BLUES SOCIETY WOMEN'S BLUES REVUE- I have been playing guitar and writing the charts and band arrangements for Toronto Blues Society’s Toronto Women’s Blues Revue since 1997 - present, annually recording CBC shows for Holger Peteren's Saturday Night Blues at Massey Hall, Toronto.

"It's hard to single out any one player but guitarist Margaret Stowe is a constant delight..." Exclaim! Magazine April 2007, Jason Schneider
CD Review: TBS Women's Blues Review LIVE CD Toronto

"..... most impressive was Marg Stowe on guitar." Globe and Mail, Toronto, Concert Review: TBS Women's Blues Revue


".... the vocals often amounted to filler for dazzling displays by the horn-charged supporting combo. Blame it on guitarist Marg Stowe, trumpeter Lina Allemano, saxophonist Pat Wheeler and ...... reed woman Jane Bunnett....."
Now Magazine, Toronto, November 27, 1997 Concert Review: Toronto Womens' Blues Revue

SISTER ACT  I have been leader/guitarist for Sister Act gigs for over 10 years, Featuring Cheryl Lescom, Doreen Smith, Sarah Latendresse, Carrie Chesnutt, Nonie Crete, and others.

MACAW Concert Series, London, with Georgette Fry, benefits to women’s shelters.


4) OTHER SKILLS  (back)

Chart writing arranging: I have been the writer and keeper of all the charts for all of the bands I've led and most of the singers I've worked with. My filing cabinets are filled with music I have written down (or entered in a computer). I have also been writing charts and arrangements for the TBS Women's Blues Revue for 10 years. 

Expert Computer Skills: PC-based. I am a very-good to expert computer user. I designed a database, I used to build my own computers. I do all of my own graphics, videos, CD materials and promo, from start to finish. I maintain my own website. My audio software expertise is in Adobe Audition professional audio software.

CD Covers - I have designed (and seen through to printing) several CD cover materials including Hey Stella!, Chris Murphy, and Daisy DeBolt. See a complete list shortly.

Internet: I have been creating and maintaining html and CMS websites for many years, for myself and many others. I am currently working part time as the Toronto Musician's Association webmaster, a job I have had for 5 years. 

Ozworld Studio - I partner a professional quality home studio in downtown Toronto and do extensive audio work including recording editing and mixing for myself and others.


- Grade 8 Conservatory piano
- BA sociology McMaster University
- private study classical piano
- 1 music course, McMaster University Music Department
private study, jazz guitar; private study classical guitar.
- workshop, Joe Pass, jazz guitar; 1991 – private lesson Duke Robillard, jazz/blues guitar.
-  private lessons, Nono Garcia, flamenco guitar, Madrid Spain.
-  study, one week, workshops, lessons with Robert Fripp, Madrid Spain, pushing the boundaries of music, avant-garde and experimental musical ideas.



- 2009-10 - Toronto School Board - Continuing Education (guitar)

- 2006 - April 2006 Waterloo Guitar Summit, Waterloo ON.


- 2005 – teacher/featured artist Hornby Island Blues Workshop, Hornby Island BC.

Overview: 5 courses.

1.      The Power Of One – study of one chord wonders,

2.      The Power of Many – reharmonizing the blues

3.      Ethno interpretation – blues examples from here and there

4.      Blues Imagery – blues as an image, the emotion of the blues.

5.      Out of the Box – playing in different time signatures, passing notes around, performance art etc

- 80’s and 90’s – handpicked private guitar students

- 1998 – teacher at the Toronto Guitar Workshop, Toronto campus

- 1999 – feature artist artist at the Toronto Blues Society’s Toronto Guitar



Mello Jello - Margaret Stowe (guitar/producer) 2009
Six Strings North of the Border
Borealis Records (with Mose Scarlett) 2006
CBC Saturday Night Blues 20 Years CD 2006 (2 tracks)
Toronto Blues Society's Women's Blues Revue, Live CD 2006 (all tracks)
Adventures of the Red Guitar – Margaret Stowe (guitars/producer) 2006
hings I Do – Margaret Stowe (guitars/producer) 2001, jazz/groove-based original music.
– Oliver Whitehead and Marg Stowe (guitars/co-producer) 1999, original music for 2 guitars.
Precious Seconds – Mose Scarlett
Live Each Day With Soul
– Daisy DeBolt
Back to the Sugar Camp - Daisy DeBolt
Lovers and Fantasies
– Daisy DeBolt
Primal Prayer
– Phynix (P.K.A. Beverley Glen Copeland)
Taking Off
– Canadian Moderaires Orchestra
Universal Klezmer
– Hot Latkes Klezmer Band
Eine Kleine Klezmermusik
- Hot Latkes Klezmer Band
Missa Gaia
– Karen Scheussler Singers w/Missa Gaia Latin Jazz Ensemble
When The Lights Come On At Christmas – compilation with Paul Langille.
Fall In
– White Picket Frenzy, (producer/guitar)
Norman Picks Five
– White Picket Frenzy (producer)
– Alec Richmond (co-producer/guitar)
Notes From Home
– Doreen Smith
Roma Volume One – Roma Collective


Peter J. Moore - E-Room, Producer/Mastering (Cowboy Junkies, Quartette etc). tel:416-533-1749

James Paul - owner, Producer/Engineer, The Rogue Studios Toronto (Blue Rodeo, Sarah Harmer etc)


Darryl Neudorf - Producer, Recording Engineer, Teacher TARA (Sarah McLachlan, 54/40, Niko Case etc)


John Switzer - Producer, Toronto (Jane Sibery, Andew Cash etc)


Oliver Whitehead – Producer/Composer Juno nominated composer, guitarist, professor of English Literature, UWO. email:


Rachel Melas (Pomegranate) bandleader, client, bassist


Max Woolaver - Singer/Songwriter, recording artist Anglican minister, client.